In-Depth Interviews

An In-Depth interview is a one on one or paired interview

• Sometimes conducted as a paired interview with two friends or a couple either at a central location, or more recently, via ZOOM
• All In-Depth interview participants in attendance generally receive between $80 and $200 depending on the client and duration
• The topic can include products or services that you may or may not use

The participant will be hand selected by the client as the perfect candidate to be interviewed. This will have been determined by the way the applicant completed the initial project application screener.

Requirements can be based on gender, age and life stage, but more importantly, by way of your choices when it comes to products, brands and purchase frequency.

The individual application screener for each project is how we determine all the above factors. Each and every project has a different requirement, so you won’t always qualify, but there is always something for everyone, eventually.

All project details, including how much you will be paid, are clearly detailed in the initial application form. For security reasons, many researchers do not carry cash. Payment may be made by way of multi store gift card or bank transfer.

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